Group Lessons

Would you like to learn the basics with similarly experienced golfers? Or do you have a great group of friends that want to get on the course and learn to play? In just a few short weeks you can make it happen. Our Get Golf Ready and Golf Fore Women programs are two ideal group lesson options in the idyllic setting of Lyman Orchards.

Led by our expert instructors, these five-week group golf lessons teach you the skills necessary to get out and enjoy the game in a fun and relaxed group setting. From instruction at our range to on-course learning, our group lessons not only teach you important golf skills, they show you how to apply them as you play.

Golf Fore Women/Get Golf Ready 101

Our 101 class is geared towards a beginner to novice golfer. In 5 one hour lessons, our instructors will cover basic golf fundamentals including short game, full swing, and putting. They will also cover the rules of golf, etiquette, and anything else you need to know to play your first or next round of golf. The final class is on the golf course with the instructor.

Golf Fore Women/Get Golf Ready 201

Our 201 class is for novice to intermediate golfers that want to improve their fundamentals, improve their golf habits and shoot lower scores. The instructors strive to improve your fundamentals by creating habits that will allow you to perform the fundamentals without having to think of each fundamental. Golf fitness and video are introduced in this class. Some of the instruction for the 201 class is on the golf course.

Coffee and Clubs

Each Tuesday, we host a 1 hour clinic cover a different aspect of the golf game. Topics include Full Swing, Short Game, Putting, Course Management, Fitness, and Club Fitting. We include a cup of coffee and a donut each week. What better way to enjoy breakfast than with some golf instruction as well.

The Golf Primer
Saturdays from 3PM – 4PM

Want to work on a specific part of your game? Just pick the Saturday that works for you. With our Golf Primer program you can take advantage of great one-hour clinics. On the first Saturday of each month we work on driving the golf ball farther and straighter. The second Saturday focuses on putting improvement. The third Saturday is devoted to wedge play and short game techniques. And on the fourth Saturday we spend that hour working on your fairway and rough shots.

Adult Golf School/Women’s Golf School

Classes are from 9-4, include on and off course instruction, lunch from the Apple Barrel, Gift Bag.

Design Your Own Clinic

If you have a group of friends that all want the same thing, an improved aspect of the game, you can design your own clinic with The Golf Center. Just pick the day and time that works, and we’ll work with you to put together your very own one-hour session. This can include everything from a full swing or short game to putting and fitness — it’s up to you.

2-4 participants - $50 per golfer.

5-8 participants - $40 per golfer.