When your child learns to play golf, it's a skill they will have for the rest of their lives. As they grow older, golf will play an instrumental role in their lives; whether they play for better health and enjoyment or they use golf as a business tool. The skills they learn today will stay with them forever.

Our Junior Golf Camp teaches children as young as seven, the basic skills they will need in a fun, friendly environment. They will learn under the guidance of our professional instructors, led by Marissa Kulig and Jon Wilson.

Our Junior Programs are designed to teach children as young as five the game of golf. As your child's skills improve, they will ascend to new ranks until they are ready to play at the collegiate or professional level. 

Our PGA Junior League is a way for kids to compete on a weekly competitive basis. Similar to Little League, your youngster will have the chance to compete at Lyman Orchards with our Club Team or against children from other local area golf courses with our Travel Team. Juniors will also have a chance to earn a spot on the Connecticut PGA Junior League All Star Team. In its first season last year, the Lyman Orchards' All Star team won the Connecticut State Championship.     



Dan Gaucher