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  • Season runs from November 4th through March 29th

  • Ability to use the any of the three simulators three times in a calendar week

  • Ability to book online via Uschedule at any time up to 8 days in advance

  • Green fees for Lyman Simulator League will be complimentary

  • Very limited number of memberships will be offered



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  • 12 Week Individual League

  • January 6th - March 29th

  • New "Course of the Week" starts every Monday

  • Simply book the hour interval that works for you every week

  • Green fees and league fee ($50) included in price

  • Gross and net prizes paid out weekly

  • Handicap needed to be considered for net competition

  • If you miss a week the green fee will be held as a future credit

  • Signup on Uschedule with account



Utilizing Trackman 4 Golf Simulator

Trackman Simulator logoWhen the world's best players battle for the title come Sunday afternoon, accurate shot making separates the winner from the field. To unleash their full potential, these high-performing players use Trackman's technologies in their daily routines – week in, week out, all year around, indoors as well as outdoors. This trans formative, tour-graded technology is now available in a golf simulator environment at The Golf Center, finally enabling indoor golf to be efficient, entertaining and hype-realistic. 

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Would you buy a car without test driving it first?  Would you buy a pair of shoes for someone without knowing your shoe size?  It is these reasons why it is so important to get properly fit for your new club or new set of clubs.

We can fit you to any TaylorMade, Callaway, Mizuno or Titleist club of your liking.  The club fitting is complimentary.  If you are not ready to purchase on the date of the fitting that is completely understandable.  We will fill out a custom order sheet and keep it on file here at Lyman Orchards for when you are ready.  If you would like the results of your fitting to take with you in order to purchase at a different establishment that is quite acceptable as well but a $50 charge will apply.

To get fit simply make an APPOINTMENT for your fitting with a member of our instructional team at a time that is conducive to you!





Trackman instruction is simply the best way to learn to swing and improve your golf game.

According to the latest research the best golfers are those who hit the best approach shots outside of 100 yards.  Trackman and professional instruction combined will greatly help develop a consistent, repeatable iron game.  By using Trackman you will quickly understand the new, correct ball flight laws.  You will know why a shot goes where it does.

BOOK A LESSON today with one of our instructors to recognize your swing flaws, fine tune your carry distances, learn your swing speed or all of the above!  Mention in the booking notes for the fitting that you want to use TRACKMAN.


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