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The Apple Nine Course opened in 2012 and was honored by the American Society of Golf Course Architects with its inaugural “Design Excellence” award. The par-29 course was ranked as the top Par 3 course in Connecticut and 10th overall in New England by New England Golf Monthly magazine. The Apple Nine wraps around one of Golf Range Association of America’s Top 50 Stand Alone hitting ranges in the US and provides a unique learning and playing experience for golfers of all ages and abilities. At par 29 and 1,600 yards, this 9-hole course is less intimidating for novices yet challenging for experienced golfers looking to shave strokes off their game.


apple_architect.jpgMark Mungeam combines over 30 years of experience in golf course construction with a natural perspective on course design. His skill lies in utilizing the established characteristics of a site to help determine the very best style for a course. The results provide players with exciting and challenging courses that present varying scenic perspectives and play characteristics.

One of Mungeam's first projects was the design and oversight of Shaker Hills Golf Club in Harvard, Massachusetts. As a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, he was part of the Environmental Committee responsible for the publication of "Environmental Approach to Golf Course Development". Mark is probably best known for his thoughtful renovation of Olympia Fields Country Club outside Chicago in preparation for the 2003 US OPEN.

2019        Weekdays       Weekends
Adult     $17 $19
Senior $15 $19
Junior $14 $16



Season Pass Pricing for 2020

Plan NamePriceDetails
Single $649
  • Unlimited Golf | Apple Nine Course
  • Unlimited Range | Golf Center
Family $959
  • Unlimited Golf | Apple Nine Course
  • Unlimited Range | Golf Center
  • Up to 5 Family Members
  • Children Must Be Under The Age Of 17
Couples $849
  • Unlimited Golf | Apple Nine Course
  • Unlimited Range | Golf Center
Junior $399
  • Unlimited Golf | Apple Nine Course | 
  • Unlimited Range | Golf Center
  • Child Must Be Under The Age Of 17
Range $479
  • Unlimited Range | Golf Center

Course Statistics

Men 28.2 87
Women 28.6 85

Course Rentals

Club Rental $10 $10
Cart $8 $8
Push Cart $6 $6

The Jones Course and The Player Course are certified as Cooperative Sanctuaries by Audubon International. Lyman Orchards is committed to protecting our local environment, conserving natural resources, and protecting wildlife habitats.